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Rock Solid

One of my favorite church hymns growing up was The Solid Rock.

(Page 202 in the Old School Hymnal we used in the Primitive Baptist Church I grew up in back in Roselle, Missouri.)

I mentioned in earlier posts that when I hear the word rock or phrases using that word these days - I immediately think of Jesus.

Because recently (2013), He proved Himself to me so powerfully that He skyrocketed to the highest place of worship, honor, respect, trust and deep love that I never imagined even possible in my relationship with Him.  He is the Solid Rock in my life just as the song says - no doubt!

So, when I considered how we sometimes say something is rock solid, I wanted to write a post about Jesus being rock solid.Sort of a play on the old hymn The Solid Rock.

But as I pondered the post I wanted to write, God gently brought to my attention the fact that its ME, not Him, who needs to be ROCK solid.

He does NOT change and He has ALWAYS been the solid ROCK.

But Christians do change as we grow up in Christ. The more we mature - the more Rock solid we should be because we are becoming like Jesus. Hopefully!

So when we find ourselves facing a temptation or situation that we've already been through and wonder, "Am I going to be tested again in this way?"

This is the time to be ROCK SOLID and our answer should be, "I will NOT be tempted in this way again."

Stand firm on the solid ROCK and do not stand on anything else.

Praise be to the Lord, my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. Psalm 144:1

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