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Hide and Seek

When we were kids, playing hide and seek was one of our favorite games. Especially, if it got to be dusk outside and other neighborhood kids joined in. Everyone wanted to hide! Nobody wanted to wasn't as fun.

Finding a great hiding spot was key. Sometimes, we had it in the back of our minds even when we weren't playing hide and go seek. If we saw a good place to hide somewhere while we were out playing, we'd remember to go there the next time we played because it was a new spot to hide and we probably wouldn't be found!

Why was hiding well - so fun? I'm not sure but it was, that's for sure.

It's kinda funny because what got me to thinking about hide and go seek was...sin.  Particularly - hidden sin.

I've been reading "The Message" which is the Bible in novel form and am in the book of

Deuteronomy at the moment. When I finished Leviticus, I was so very thankful for Jesus. There are so many rules and sins (intentional and unintentional) and offerings to be made for the multitude of sins, etc. It is daunting!

Thank God for showing us our need of a SAVIOR.

But I'm disturbed by those who think the sin made public is worse than their HIDDEN sin. Why do some think that because they don't admit to the sin or if nobody knows about the sin then it's better in some way?

It's NOT.

Your hidden sin is not any better or worse than those who sin in some other way and it becomes public knowledge.

We are ALL sinners. There's NO getting around it.  

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

Do we like to hide?  Yep...

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