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Daddy - Watch This

I sat at basketball practice for my youngest son the other night and with all the commotion going on in the gymnasium with two different teams practicing on both ends of the was kinda crazy.

But a man sat a few bleachers in front of me near the gym floor. A cute little girl was playing with a basketball in front of him bouncing it on the floor. I noticed her and thought she was adorable. (I always wanted a girl but God gave me 3 boys instead!) 

I watched her bounce the ball and lose it then chase after it again several times. All the while the room was full of basketball practice noises like bouncing balls, squealing children, yelling adults, a radio?? Very loud and annoying. However, the little girl practiced bouncing the ball and finally felt confident enough in her new skills to seek her father's attention...

"Daddy, watch this!" She bounced the ball and yelled.

I watched as his attention was taken away to one end of the court so she attempted again to gain his attention, "Daddy, watch this!"  He turned to the other end of the court seemingly unaware of his little girl's desire to show off her new ability.

"Daddy, watch this!" She bounced and yelled again. He looked everywhere around the bustling gymnasium except at his daughter. 

To my amazement, she was persistent in her requests and yelled at him 2 more times to watch her.

He continued to look around and finally glanced his daughters way long enough to let her know they were leaving as his older son came across the court finished with his practice.

Did he even notice she'd gained some control over the basketball?  Did he hear any of her 5 pleas?  Did he acknowledge her at all after they left practice to let her know he'd seen her bouncing the ball and that she had done great?

I have no idea.  I'm sure he was just distracted by the business of basketball practice and all the activity and noise in the gymnasium. I'm sure he's a wonderful father.  (

But I couldn't help but think of our Heavenly Father. How we plead for His attention at times. ♡  And we don't seem to get it. We beg for help in a terrible situation and wait expectantly for His answer or solution. We continue to ask repeatedly, "Father, watch!  Father, look at this mess!  Father, help me.  Father, help me.  Daddy, help me."

It seems to us as we go through the days with no visible response that He is not listening to our pleas. It seems to us that He is not paying attention to our needs. It seems like He doesn't care what a mess we are in. It seems to us that He doesn't love us anymore. If He did then He would listen and give us the attention we need or solve our problem quickly so we don't have to suffer anymore.

But with our Father, He is ALWAYS listening.  We ALWAYS have His attention.  He ALWAYS notices when we master a new skill in life. He LOVES us unconditionally.  He will never leave us or forsake us. When it seems any other way, it's not true. We may not see that He is giving us attention or listening to our pleas but He is.

When the time is right to know that He is listening and working out every problem for our good, we will know.

Then we will be more confident in His love for us than ever before. When that time comes and you see just how much your Father has loved you through your desperate pleas, it's quite wonderful. You will KNOW He has listened to your every prayer whether you yelled, "Daddy, watch this!" Or whispered, "Father, help me."

So, plead for His attention and beg for an answer to a problem in life but KNOW He will answer when the time is right.

Trust that His answer is the right one and thank Him for loving you so much. 

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