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The Rock that Saved My Marriage

Most women, it seems, want a rock. Not only do they want a rock on their finger but they also want a rock in a spouse. Meaning, he is SOLID, completely trustworthy, faithful and supportive when life throws those crazy curve balls.

I admit that I’ve noticed other women’s ring fingers and the rocks mounted there. I’ve secretly yearned for a rock of my own. I guess I’d have to say I must have been jealous. Some of the diamonds I’ve seen women sporting are HUGE! I wonder if they are rich. Or maybe they absolutely mean the world to their spouse and this is how they received such a stone. And then (of course) I wonder if they might be FAKE.

When we got married, I wore a gold band. No ROCK for me. We were young and broke.  :)

When we were married five years, my husband bought me an engagement set which included a beautiful diamond ring. I wore it often but always kept my gold band on my left finger. It was sweet of him and thoughtful.

This year for our 26th wedding anniversary, my husband bought me another ring. It was one I’d swooned over when I spied it in a sales bill and jokingly said he should get it for me. I threw the sales bill away and didn’t think of it again. I discovered the ring wrapped, sitting within the branches of our Christmas tree. He’d dug the sales bill out of the trash, went to the store and requested the ring from the clerk at the jewelry counter. Then placed it in the branches of the Christmas tree for me to find on Christmas morning.

How sweet!

It’s even sweeter if you know a little bit of our history. We met in the 5th grade. Were best friends through school and didn’t date until after we graduated. Then we fell in love and married. We raised three boys living in Middle Tennessee. I’d love to say that every day was bliss and we never had any problems.

However, that’s not reality. Actually, we filed for divorce in 2013 (the worst year of my life) and one night I slipped my gold band from my ring finger and placed it on the nightstand.

Somehow we worked our way back together through forgiveness and reconciled the same year.

It is quite a miracle, actually. I’m so thankful for what we went through. It was horrible and I’d never wish it on anyone else but today we are more thankful for each other, more caring toward each other, more thoughtful, more loving and more everything else that is good because of that terrible year. How I wish it didn’t come to that! But now my marriage is stronger because of it. I love him very deeply and I cherish my marriage.

But what I learned most through this is really about God. I no longer look at the ring on another person's finger and wonder how they got that Rock!

I’m so very aware that I already have a ROCK that’s better than any gem that could be mounted on a ring. My ROCK was with me through the most difficult time of my life. He NEVER left me nor did He forsake me during my time of trial. He showed Himself to me through His mighty work. No ring or stone on earth can compare to this! He is who I TRUST more than anyone else. He is SOLID and never wavers in His love for me. He has my best interest at heart every single moment of every day. He NEVER fails me.

So, if you find yourself admiring the gigantic diamond on someone’s ring finger just remember who the ROCK really is - Jesus Christ.

I hope you know Him. I hope you TRUST Him. He is the one and only ROCK you will ever need in this life.

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