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Super Salad!

Tonight my husband took me on a date to one of our favorite places. I love the restaurant because of the soup they serve as an appetizer. It's chicken and rice which is delicious. There was no doubt that I wanted the soup to start the meal. :)

My husband and I discussed what we would order while the waitress was getting our drinks. By the time she came back, we both knew we wanted steaks. When she asked what I'd like, I happily answered her, "We both want the same thing! The Club Steak. I'd also like soup and a salad."

"Oh, you get a super salad." She said, "What other side would you like?"

"I get another side? Hmm...Let me see." I looked at the list of sides on the menu and chose spinach because I'm trying to cut my carbohydrates. Even though I'm not a huge fan of spinach.

She left with our orders and I turned to my husband and said, "Well, guess we get extra sides. I'm getting soup, a super salad and spinach with my steak."

He looked at me cock-eyed and said, "super salad?"

"Uh huh...she said I got a super salad."

He laughed and said, "She said soup or salad...not a super salad!"

"What?! I thought I was getting a super salad."

The disappointment must have been all over my face because my husband said, "I can tell her not to bring the spinach and you can just get a salad in place of it."

"No!" I responded quickly, "I'll just eat the spinach. I do not want to tell her I thought she offered me a 'Super Salad'..."

We received the yummy soup shortly thereafter and enjoyed it along with a laugh over the super salad incident.

What can I say? I literally thought she offered me a Super Salad.

In my defense, I told her that I wanted a Club Steak, a soup and a salad. So...I can't take ALL the blame for the miscommunication...

I heard her incorrectly or at least that's what I thought she said.

But I was WRONG.

How often do we do this same thing with God? He says one thing and we hear what we want to hear or we do not hear Him correctly.

Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD. Psalm 34:11

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