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It seems these days that we need to like stuff. We like posts on Facebook or pictures on Instagram.

(Instagram even make a little red heart ♡ when you like a picture which I love!)

I give out likes like nobody’s business! I know others (not mentioning any names) who will not like something on Facebook unless it’s hilarious or it has to be something special such as a 50th wedding anniversary before they will hand out a prized like!

I got this on my mind because I heard a rumor that Facebook was going to add an “Unlike” button. (Which has never happened.) But it got me to thinking…about like and unlike and hearts and such things.

Mostly the word “unlike” struck me in a different sort of way. It made me think of Jesus.

Maybe that sounds like a strange thing to think of. But I thought about how “unlike” anyone else He is. I began to contemplate the things about Him that make Him so special because of this incredible attribute that sets Him apart from any other person you could ever know in life.

He is “unlike” you and me in many ways yet He shared in our humanity by becoming flesh and shared in the sufferings of mankind. He understands your struggles. He understands your pain.

He is close to the brokenhearted. He rescues those whose spirits are crushed. Psalm 34:18

Have you ever had your heart broken or your spirit crushed? It really hurts.

We do that to each other. We say things (on purpose or unintentional) that cause pain to another person. We become angry and do all sorts of terrible things.

But Jesus is “unlike” that and will NEVER break your heart. He mends broken hearts. He gives us new hearts. He ALONE is completely trustworthy. He is faithful. He ALWAYS has your best interest at heart. Even when He was dying on the cross, He was thinking of you. He was making a way for you to have a right relationship with God by paying the price for your sin and mine.

How can anyone NOT like that!

So, this Valentine’s Day, when you are thinking of liking someone, or giving your heart to someone or having a relationship with someone…think about Jesus.

He is UNLIKE anyone else you will ever know.  ♡♡♡

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