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Mr. Google

Hi. My name is Melinda and I’m directionally challenged. 

It all started back in the seventh grade in Mrs. Griggs’ class. We were studying the direction of highways and I just didn’t get it. She found it odd that such a simple concept was beyond my comprehension. I did well in her class in every other area. 

I’ve gone the wrong direction too many times to count. It’s a running joke at my house that if I’m heading to Nashville then I’ll end up at Percy Priest Lake. Ha! That’s only happened a few times, though.

Before the GPS, I’d make my husband draw me a map showing me exactly which road to turn on. Right or left. None of that - North, South, East or West stuff – PLEASE! With his map in hand, I easily made it to my destination because it was laid out for me in detail in a simple way that I understood.

My GPS has stopped working so I attempted to use Google Directions in order to get to a friend’s house last night for a meeting. I put the address in and headed down the road with no worries of getting there on time since it was very close to where I live. I’d made an appetizer and it shouldn’t have taken me over thirty minutes to get there even with school bus traffic.

However, when I first put in her address, I looked at the map. I felt pretty certain where in the Goodlettsville area her house was located. So, when the directions had me going the back way, I thought I’d just drive to the main street in her town and figure it out from there. Big mistake. 

I ended up pulled over on the main street trying to find an address on a building to put into my phone so I could get back on track again. It was now the time I said I’d be at her house. I would be late. After two attempts to find my way from my new location using my phone, I grudgingly dialed my husband, Mr. Google, and asked for help.

“Give me her address,” He said. Then he asked, “Where are you?” Then I heard a low laugh and he advised me, “You’re way off. You need to get back onto Long Hollow Pike and head the other direction…” Of course, he then gave me landmarks to look for and which side of the road to turn off of, etc. I finally made it to my friend’s house for the meeting.

I would love to blame the issue on Google Directions because it didn’t speak the directions to me out loud and I didn’t want to be fumbling with my cell phone while I was driving. But since this has been a lifetime problem for me, I really can’t blame Google.

But I have to accept the fact that I am direction-ally challenged.

I think everyone is when it comes to getting through this life. We don’t want to follow directions. We think we can figure things out on our own and find our way. This is why I’m so thankful for God’s directions He left for us. I read them. I do my best to follow His direction.

Because without them, I’m LOST. That much I know.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you. Psalm 32:8 ESV

PS. I’m also thankful for my husband, Mr. Google. 💜

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