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In Her Daddy’s Arms

My younger cousin was born with a leg problem.

Back then, it was called a handicap. (But the term is no longer acceptable and I’m not sure what is?)

Regardless, she couldn’t walk because of it and her dad carried her everywhere she went.

I was young when all of this was going on but I remember her wearing the brace on her leg. Then later on, she had part of her leg amputated and I remember the deep concern over her surgery.

What I didn’t know was the part about her dad carrying her everywhere until she could walk. I didn’t hear that important part of her story until he spoke at the service held to celebrate her life.

Her dad is my dad’s younger brother. He spoke so tenderly about carrying her because she was unable to walk. Constantly carrying her everywhere they went. Until she received the brace for her leg and was able to take steps on her own. Of all of her siblings, she must have gotten the most lap time with her dad. :)

She was a little dynamo like her mom. Nothing was going to hold her back. She grew into a beautiful woman, earned two masters degrees, was a school counselor, and wrote two books along with working in ministry.

Her greatest joy in life was Jesus.

Yet, life became too much. She couldn’t walk its path any longer dealing with her physical pain. Like her dad carried her around when she was a child, her Heavenly Father swooped her up in His strong arms and carried her home.

What a beautiful picture for all of us.

Our Father carries us in life until we’re able to walk on our own. But He never lets go of us and never leaves us. A constant presence when we’re in Christ.

We're broken without Him and made whole with Him.

Rest in peace, beautiful cousin.

Sheila Eye Gravett

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3 comentários

Katherine Pasour
Katherine Pasour
29 de jun. de 2021

Such a beautiful and touching story that shows how much our earthly fathers, and our heavenly Father, love us.


23 de jun. de 2021

Thank you for writing this about my precious lady - it’s beautiful. She was my gift of grace from Christ and I will love her - always and forever. 🤟 I will miss her deeply until I see her beautiful face again.


J.D. Wininger
J.D. Wininger
22 de jun. de 2021

Ms. Melinda; please don't miss tomorrow's blog post. I'm certain God wanted it directed to you ma'am. My condolences to you, your Uncle, and your entire family. You cousin is being carried again ma'am; this time by Angels.

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