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I Got You

I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. (John 10:28 NIV)

My youngest son came home one day telling me a wild story about his day and how he ended up having to ask his good friend for some help in a tricky situation.

“I got you,” his friend said and quickly came to my son's rescue.

The phrase his friend used has become common these days among the younger generation.

Something about it just feels good. Its almost like loyalty intertwined with love combined with knowing we can count on this friend in times of trouble no matter what. They have our back.

Not all friendships are this way though.

Some people we think are friends are not really friends at all. They're acquaintances. They're fellow church members. They're coworkers.

We consider them to be our friends. But we may discover when times get tough or our paths don’t cross regularly anymore attending the same church or working at the same company, we lose tabs on each other. The friendship fizzles.

Having a true friend in life is priceless. They are gifts to us, for sure. They should be cherished and loved deeply. They are also few and far between. Sadly.

But we have a true friend in Jesus.

He’s got us and He’s not letting go no matter what. He’s there for us in the best of times and the worst times. Never wavering in His affection for us. Never giving up on us because our paths don’t cross in familiar places anymore.

I got you.

No truer words could be spoken of His love for us. He is loyalty intertwined with love combined with knowing we can count on Him in times of trouble no matter what.

I love how He holds us tight in His grip. No one will snatch us from His hand.

The irony is He gripped us with His arms stretched out on the cross.

He gave His life to hold us tight.

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